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At Graphic Installers, we install the highest-quality custom vehicle wraps for your car, truck, van, boat or any other type of vehicle you have. Contact us today to find out more!

At Graphic Installers in Lakeland, Florida, our vehicle wrap service can outfit your car, boat, truck, or any other vehicle with a sign to help advertise your business.

Vehicle wraps are a great marketing tool, since they can travel around the city, state, or even country, taking your company’s name and message with them. First impressions mean a lot – and vehicle wraps create a great first impression that current and potential customers of your business will remember the next time they need your product or service. Here are just a few of the vehicles we can turn into a billboard on wheels:

car wrap and business signage thumbnailCar Wraps – What better way can you think of to get your brand name and message out there? With a car wrap, it can literally go wherever you go! Depending on how many cars or vans you outfit with vehicle wraps, you could easily take your brand to thousands of viewers each month. You won’t find that with many other forms of affordable advertising! … read more

car wrap and business signage thumbnailBus Wraps – If you’re stuck in a traffic jam during rush hour or at a long red light, it’s almost impossible to not notice the giant advertisement on the bus in the lane next to you. Just imagine how many people would see your ad (and potentially act on it) if you had a bus vehicle wrap! It’s a great form of non-aggressive advertising that leaves a great first impression on viewers. … read more

car wrap and business signage thumbnailBoat Wraps – You may have seen them on cars and buses, but have you ever considered adding a vehicle wrap to your boat? It’s a great way to give your boat a unique style and protect its outer surface from scratches and other damage. Even if you’re not advertising a product or service, boat wraps can give your boat a unique look you won’t see anywhere else on the water! … read more

car wrap and business signage thumbnailSUV Wraps – Graphic Installers often helps local businesses advertise their brand through high-quality custom vehicle wraps for SUVs. Providing a much larger surface area to work with than most cars, SUV wraps are a cost-effective form of advertising, allowing you to turn that gas-guzzling vehicle into a gold mine, thanks to all the new business you’ll be getting! … read more

car wrap and business signage thumbnailTruck Wraps – Vehicle wraps are one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to advertise your product or business. If you don’t have vinyl decals, lettering, or vehicle wraps on your company trucks, trailers, cars, or vans, you’re wasting a huge advertising opportunity. Give us a call today at Graphic Installers to learn more about our high-quality truck and trailer wraps. … read more

car wrap and business signage thumbnailVan Wraps – Have you ever driven down the street and seen a vehicle wrapped with information about a company? If so, it probably caught your eye and you remember that experience. Van wraps are a great way to draw attention and create a lot of buzz about your business. Instead of being stuck in one location, like a billboard or sign, van wraps are mobile and can reach more clients at a reasonable price. … read more

car wrap and business signage thumbnailTrailer Wraps – If your business has trailers that travel all over the state or country, the easiest and most cost-efficient way to advertise is by adding trailer wraps. A trailer wrap is a unique and customized design that covers an entire trailer and becomes a moving billboard that thousands of different people can see on a daily basis. … read more